by Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic
from Smederevo in Yugoslavia

An Unforgettable Haiku (from The EHIME in Matsuyama)

mure cho no hitostu chi ni ori kage wo hiku
(by Jasminka, tr. into Japanese by Masako)

race of butterflies
one is landing - an obeying
shadow next to it
( by Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic)

Early in the morning on December 1, I received an e-mail from Yugoslavia, in which five English haiku were written. Above one is one of them. They are fragrant and lylic works. I had a strong feeling like that when I received a petal falling down from high in the air through a war fire.

On December 14,

hana no naka kaze no fukikuru kehai nashi
(by Jasminka, tr.by Masako)

all around us are
cherry flowers - there is no sign
of wind any more

And more, I received another haiku poems by the editor of haiku magazine in Slovenia, an eastern Europian country.

Our haiku magazine "Suien" is now opening the home page (http://www.shikoku.ne.jp/suien/) by four languages, and is communicating, of course, not only with Japanese people but with people all over the world. Our aim is to let people in the world notice the good quality of haiku. These internet haiku poems have come from the university student haiku, and international haiku through the days and years of over thirty years.

At Ehime University I was taught haiku by Gafu Kawamoto, Professor of German literature, and Yoshi Tanino, Professor of English literature. About international haiku I remembered the communication with Mr, William J. Higginson, the former President of American Haiku Society. (Masako Takahashi)